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The Nucleus Nest

The Nucleus Nest

The Nucleus Nest adds another dimension to your standard 2D Nest. This allows for a huge amount of flexibility unlocking 100s of new gradients and geometrys to explore previously impossible in 2D. Come and explore these new possibilities with me. Currently these are designed for 2mm - 16mm ants. A larger diameter Nest is in the works for the giant Ants.

Hydration - The neutron also features a original super simple Nest hydration system that also doubles up as a water drinker for the thirstier species. Just fill up the hydration hole and it's ready Togo.(full video guide coming soon)

Sizes and colours - Initially available in small & white I'm hoping to expand that to Antymatter green And transparent red,gold,blue,orange and yellow. Also a medium size version will be available very soon. Once the 30mm diameter is fully release a larger 50mm diameter range will begin production.


CORES - to start with I'll be releasing 2 General purpose cores and release the other cores which will be more species specific ASAP once they've complete complete testing.

The Big Chambers core - 3 large Chambers, 2 high humidity and 1 larger med humidity area above

The BestCore - general all rounder performed great in testing hence the name. Its has a varied set of geometry.

Heating- heatwires or matts are fine. There's a small hole below the entry port for budget plug in thermostats sensor Togo for the perfect tempreture reading.

Expansion - initially the Nucleaus has 1 entry port, there is a second port closed off. To open it simply swap the plug end with the supplied extra 13mm port end.

Got an idea for a core?? Let me know :)

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