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Lasius Niger

Lasius Niger

Lasius niger are a great starter species, commonly know as the black garden ant they are common all across Europe. This little species can grow at an impressive rate and its possible to have thousands of workers once there around 2 years old.

Care wise.

There a very hardy species and can withstand alot.

Temp - room tempreture

Humidity - you want around 60-80% (subrstraight should be very slightly moist and not drenched, small regular watering)

Food - sugar and protein, smaller proteins like fruitflys promotes rapid growth. Feed twice weekly and remove uneaten food after 2 days of being in there.

Nest wise they are great in pretty much any nest, Testube- Acrylic- AAC- Gypsum, 3d Printed....

They enjoy a nice small chamber and won't feel cramped inside a small testube. Ants prefer tight enclosed spaces on the whole.

Please keep your local laws in mind when ordering. Unfortunately, usa is unavailable for shipping ants

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