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Cardiocondyla obscurior (1q- 50w)

Cardiocondyla obscurior (1q- 50w)

Insane growth!


Bonkers social structure with fighter males!

Currently offering medium-sized colonys, 1q 50w absolute minimum with a healthy pile of brood :) As with all the ants, we always strive to send extra workers and queens. Everyone loves extras.

These ant are absolutely brilliant if you ask me. They imbreed super easy even with 1q. Not to large around 1mm so super easy to manage as there numbers at least double monthly. Around 24-5c seems optimal.

They naturally live up in trees and plants so are super adventurous and utilise every inch of a setup.

Food- standard sugar and bugs. Cotton wool for any open drops or water to prevent drowning.

They dont hibernate

Fighter males?? So these ants make 2 types of male. 1 with wings to fly away and another with no wings to stay in the nest. These males will fight to be the dominant male, hence "fighter males." Don't be worried if you see some wierd jawed ants though fighting.

Any questions , drop me a message.

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