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Antys food bowls V2

Antys food bowls V2

V2 of the origianl Anty food bowl -White-


With its unique shape this foodbowl helps to contain food preventing ants taking it out and about, this helps with both cleaning and as a result mite control. less cleaning times always a win to me.

The standard size bowl is also compatible with the Tetra Tower Feeding setup.


theres now a droplet tray in the centre so you can feed your ants sugars without it going into the protein(Bugs) aswell.


personally ive had great results with these in all my species and i know alot of people out there have had the same results. they also funcion really well as semi permanent fittings in a natural setup as the design is friendly to all small inverabrates.


Theres also a jumbo size bowl now, aimed at the largest colonys out there. its can hold around 40 Morio worms chopped,easily 100 mealworms etc etc

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